The Anger in Ernest & Ernestine

The Anger in Ernest & Ernestine

Rotary Arts Centre - 5 Park Street, Corner Brook, NL. Lower Level of City Hall

The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine by Leah Cherniak, Martha Ross & Robert Morgan

Ernest and Ernestine are misfits in love. After a brief and torrid courtship, they move in to a cramped basement suite that they share with a huge old furnace that has a life of it’s own. As the apartment overheats, so does their relationship. In a series of brief and revealing scenes, we see their relationship shift from a romantic ideal to desperate disillusionment. Delivered with large scoop of physicality, anyone who has been in love for any length of time will recognize themselves in the wickedly funny and surprisingly touching The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine.

Ernest: Adam Christopher Brake
Ernestine: Allison Crowe
Director: Lonni Catherine Patey

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